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CNA News

May, 2012

     The quarterly Coronado Neighborhood Association general meetings are currently being held at the Caprock Apartments club house, 6032 Caprock.  The map to the club house is in the CNA Map link on this web site.

     The City of El Paso Quality of Life Bond scopes $250,000.00 for development of a pocket park described in the city's web site as "District 8 - Coronado/Balboa (NW2) - new .20 acre park w/playbround, basketball court, turf w/irrigation, pathways, picnic tables, benches, landscape." located at the 6200 block of Fiesta.  The proposed park will be on two lots adjacent to the Coronando Drain that were flooded during Storm 2006 in which the city purchased from the residents.  These lots have been an eyesore since the flood and are a major project for the CNA.  The first photo (below) is a picture of Fiesta Drive in front of the two lots the day after the flood.  Yes, that's a refrigerator in the middle of the street.  The incredible power of the water actually washed it out of one of the homes and into the street.  The second photo is how the lots look today.  The drawing is a rendition of how the park would be like if the voters approve quality of life bond in November.          


     A reminder that you can receive Coronado Neighborhood Association email updates from me by sending me your email address.  My email address is  If you have any news for me to add to this site, please let me know.  CNA began its new fiscal year January 1, 2012.  Therefore, the dues for the year are due and are $20.00 for the entire year or $10.00 for the remainder of the year from June 1st.  Send your payment to our treasurer Pam Golightly, 270 Maricopa, El Paso, TX 79912.

Charlie Wakeem, President

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